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since 1943.

"The department enables students to have full understanding and knowledge in financial aspects and to be able to prepare themselves both physically and mentally with full integrity, ethics and honesty to encounter with every change in today's world; to be overwhelmed with good sub-consciousness towards their society and country."

Our location

in Kasetsart University
Bangkok, Thailand.


“Department of Finance in Business Administration Major focuses on excellent academic financial aspects at an international level, which is widely recognized to be the backbone of intellectual pillar for the development of the country and to foster values to Thai society on a continual-basis”


“To build and develop financial knowledge on a continual basis for professors, students and people to be able to process strong financial skills internationally along with good human relations and high responsibility towards the society they are living in."



The implementation of the Business Administration Program with the teaching of Business Administration in Cooperative Major has started at the same time with the establishment of the Kasetsart University in the year 1943

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 1943

Further in the year 1953, the faculty has changed its name to be “Cooperative- Economics Major” and to “Cooperative and Economics Major” in the year 1956.

This is five-year program based with the teaching of two sub-majors of “Agro- Economic Major” and “Business Economics Major”.

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 1965

Later in the year1965, the program has been shortened to four years and the name of the major was changed in the year 1966 to be “Economic and Cooperative Major” along with the establishment of Business Administration Major.

From the year 1966-167, the graduate students would receive the degree called Bachelor of Liberal Arts (Business Administration), that later changed its name to be known as Bachelor of Science (Business Administration).

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 1973-1974

In the year 1973-1974, graduate students would receive Bachelor of Science (Business Administration). On 18 December 1992, The Economics Major and Business Administration Major has divided into majors known as Economics Major and Business Administration Major accordingly to “Rajkijjanubekka” or “Gazette” no. 109, chapter 20 that has Faculty of Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of Business Administration .

Faculty of Business Administration has further divided into three faculties which are Faculty of Finance, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Production Management. Therefore, the Business Administration is constituted of Bureau of Secretary Administration with faculties namely Faculty of Finance, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Product Management, Faculty of Marketing and Faculty of Accounting.

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 1998-Present

Since then, Faculty of Finance has eventually become one of the faculties in the Business Administration program. During the year 1998-1999, the program curriculum has been revised with the addition and modification of some of the courses accordingly.

For Graduate Education Administration; Faculty of Finance has played its role in the education administration for the project of Undergraduate Program in Business Administration. Since the year 1984-1985, the curriculum is called Bachelor of Business Administration in Faculty of Finance.

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 1998-Present