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Eligibility Application (EA)


The Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) is currently engaging in the Eligibility Application process that represents the first stage in the AACSB accreditation process. The school provides a response that addresses the school's alignment with eligibility criterion:


  • Ethical Behavior – to encourage and support ethical behavior by students, faculty, administrators, and professional staff.
  • Collegiate Environment – to maintain a collegiate environment in which students, faculty, administrators, professional staff, and practitioners interact and collaborate in support of learning, scholarship, and community engagement.
  • Commitment to Corporate and Social Responsibility – to demonstrate a commitment to address, engage, and respond to current and emerging corporate social responsibility issues (e.g., diversity, sustainable development, environmental sustainability, and globalization of economic activity across cultures) through its policies, procedures, curricula, research, and/or outreach activities.
  • Accreditation Scope and AACSB Membership – to become a well-defined, established entity and a member of AACSB International in good standing.
  • Oversight, Sustainability, and Continuous Improvement – to ensure proper oversight, accountability, and responsibility for the school's operations; to be supported by continuing resources (human, financial, infrastructure, and physical); and to have policies and processes for continuous improvement.


Source: http://www.aacsb.edu/accreditation/business/eligibility