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Department of ACCOUNTING
since 1943.

The Department of Accounting is a leading unit of accounting education acceptance in the International level and devotes itself to the task of accumulating and developing accounting knowledge. It thrives for the growth in academic wisdom including ethical and moral excellence. The department has a responsibility to sustain Thai heritage and to ensure that it continues to grow to enrich the civilization of the nation.

Our location

in Kasetsart University
Bangkok, Thailand.


“The Department of Accounting aims to be the excellence for academic in assisting nation achieves sustainable development and acceptance in international level.”


“The Department of Accounting produces the undergraduates who have intellectual knowledge with merit and develop bodies of accounting knowledge continually. The department serves the academic to society and maintains Thai heritage.”



Academic Accounting at Kasetsart University founded with the University established in 1943 and there was the Accounting course in the Faculty of Cooperative. Later, The faculty changed the name to the Faculty of Cooperative and Economies

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 1943

in 1953 and converted the name again to The Economics and Cooperative Faculty

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 1953

The Faculty provided the course was the Bachelor of Science (Cooperative Economics) program, it was five years studied. The Course offered two majors, one in the Agricultural Economics and Cooperative and the Accounting Economics and Business.

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 1956

The Faculty began applyed the student studied in the first group

From the year 1966-167, the graduate students would receive the degree called Bachelor of Liberal Arts (Business Administration), that later changed its name to be known as Bachelor of Science (Business Administration).

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 1960-1961

the Faculty modified a curriculum to reduced a period of study from five years to four years.

Above : Kasetsart University in the year Present