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Department of MARKETING
since 1943.

"Development of human resources to have marketing knowledge and capability to advance the society values in the long run."

Our location

in Kasetsart University
Bangkok, Thailand.


"Constantly build and develop the marketing aspects of business administration knowledge to be efficient and in consistent with the diverse environments."



Educational Management in Business Administration with the teaching of courses related to business administration in Cooperative Major began at the same time with the establishment of the Kasetsart University in the year 1943. Later in the year, 1953, its name has changed to Cooperative and Economics Major with the opening of Economics-Cooperative curriculum. This is the five years program with two majors which are Economics and Cooperative Major and Accounting Business Major

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 1943
On 18 December 1992

onwards, Economics and Business Administration Major was divided into two majors namely Economics Major and Business Administration Major accordingly with the announcement made by "Rajkijjanubeksa" or "Gazette" no. 109, chapter 20 with the Department of Marketing, Department of Business Administration and Department of Accounting being under Business Administration Major that further divided into three departments namely Department of Finance, Department of Management and Department of Production Management. Department of Marketing, thereby, one of the departments under Business Administration Major from that time onwards.

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 1992

Further in the year, 1998-1999, Business Administration Major has restructured its Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum (Marketing Program) by modify and adding and deleting some of the courses accordingly.

Above : Kasetsart University in the year present