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Department of MANAGEMENT
since 1992.

"The Department of Management aims to develop graduates to process good quality management skills that enable him to develop his intelligence with integrity, ethics and good sub-conscious towards the overall benefits of his society in order for him to lead his live happily with significant contribution made."

Our location

in Kasetsart University
Bangkok, Thailand.


"Department of Management has an excellent and modern management system which is the strong brainstorming backbone for further development of the society on the continual-basis."



In the year 1992, the department has been separated from Economics Major which is then known as "Business Administration Major", which is one of the tenth existing majors of Kasetsart University accordingly to "Rajkijjanubeksa" or "Gazette" no. 109, chapter 120 dated 18 December 1992. This in accordance with the high school level development plan no.7 (year 1992-1999) has come into enforcement with 5 divided faculties below

Department of Management, Department of Financ, Department of Accounting, Department of Marketing, Department of Production Managment


During the year 1998-1999, Faculty of Business administration has restructured its curriculum by adding and modifying its courses to have not less than 132 credits.

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 1998-1999

In the year 2006, the Management Department has also restructured its curriculum to be in consistent with the needs of students majoring in Business Administration at both bachelor and master levels.

Above : Kasetsart University in the year 2006-Present